Business Reply service. Image credit

Business Reply service. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Communication: Business Reply services and Post Restante

Business reply service.

  • The service is used in market research:
  • to encourage responses.
  • The respondent does not pay postage or the postage is already prepaid by sender.
  • The sender first obtains a licence from the post office and is required to pay a deposit.
  • Mail is written Business Reply service.
  • The respondent uses printed envelopes or cards bearing name and address of the sender and licence number.
  • Used by mail order firms.
  • Licence only pays postage on mail returned.

Poste restante

  • Is a French phrase meaning “Post remaining”
  • The service is mostly used by people with o fixed addresses e.g. sales persons and tourists.
  • Letters or parcels are addressed to the nearest post office.
  • They must be written Poste Restante.
  • Mail is held at the post office.
  • Mail is collected by the addressed person upon production of a valid identity document.