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ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland: Racial Barriers Reduction

  • Racial segregation was reduced especially in Southern Rhodesia
  • The Land Apportionment Act was revised allowing for a multi-racial university
  • African professionals in various fields were allowed to practice in Zimbabwe, e.g. Hebert Chitepo
  • Multi-racial clubs and hotels were established
  • Railway dining cars which were multiracial were opened
  • A non-racial Federal Civil Service was introduced
  • Separate entrances to Post Offices were put to end
  • In 1959 the Federal Government passed a law to remove the complaints about the Pass Laws
  • The need to carry passes was abolished from Chiefs, members of Parliament, headman, members of police with 20 years of service, university graduates e.t.c
  • The Industrial Conciliation Act was passed in 1959 to allow for the formation of multiracial trade unions
  • Houses were offered with free hold tenure in townships such as Highfield and Luveve
  • The tenants were later sold these tenants

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