A statue of Tshaka kaZulu. Image credit blogspot.com

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Zulu State: Expansion of the Zulu State under Tshaka

  • Shaka consolidated his power series of battles with neighbouring states in which he raided, destroyed and absorbed.
  • By 1824 he had defeated all clans in the region or absorbed them into his state
  • If a state as defeated by Shaka, it was given three choices that is, to be absorbed, resist and continue being attacked or emigrate
  • Shaka forced defeated chiefs to pay tribute.
  • Shaka extended the borders of the Zulu state north up to present day Mozambique, west across the Drakensberg Mountains and south to the margins of what would become the Transkei homeland
  • After Zwide was conquered by Shaka he emigrated across the Pongola river and settled there
  • With a series of unending battles and attacks especially from Shaka, the Mfecane was intensified
  • Many clans migrated to distant parts in Southern, Central and East Africa
  • Shaka managed to grow Zulu population to about 250 000 people and 40 000 soldiers

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