Divergent plates. Image by Cornel.

Divergent plates. Image by Cornel.

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Plate Tectonics: Convergence Plates

  • In a divergence zone plates move away from one another thus the name “divergence.”
  • Magma up-wells from the mantle to fill the gap left by the diverging plates.
  • The magma provides new material to form new oceanic crust (the lithosphere)
  • Forming mid-ocean ridges with volcanoes.
  • For example the Mid-Atlantic Ridge was formed by the diverging Americas and Eurasian and African plates.
  • The East Pacific Rise was formed by the Nazca and Pacific plates moving apart.
  • When continental plates diverge volcanic mountains are formed.
  • Divergent zones are marked by volcanoes,
  • A very young lithosphere,
  • a topographic ridge
  • And shallow earthquakes.

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