Gmail app. Image credit

Gmail app. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Communication: Email and Internet

Electronic Mail (Email)

  • Is the communication of information:
  • using a computer.
  • Via a telephone circuit.
  • The information is sent from one computer to another.
  • From one computer to several computers at the same time.
  • It uses modems.
  • Each subscriber has an electronic mail address e.g.
  • Each subscriber has a secret code (password).
  • Information received can be stored, retrieved and printed.
  • Quick transmission of messages.
  • A cheap means of sending messages.


  • Uses satellite dishes, computer, telephone circuit and modems.
  • Sends information.
  • Receives information.
  • Stores information.
  • Information can be retrieved.
  • Information is displayed on the computer.
  • It is a library for world-wide information e.g. sports, quotations and fashion.
  • It is cheap a cheap and fast way of communication.

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