Safe use of electricity .Image credit

Safe use of electricity .Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Electrical safety

  • Electrical safety is important as electric shocks can be lethal and improper use of electricity can result in fires
  • The following precautions can be taken when using electricity:
  • Wearing rubber soled shoes when ironing or using electrical appliances such as stoves etc to reduce the danger of being electrocuted
  • Heater/Irons or other appliances that draw a lot of power should be connected to overhead sockets which are meant for bulbs as they draw a lot of power
  • This could result in the sockets overheating and catching fire
  • The proper wires must be used for each appliance.
  • Using wires that are too thing/small for high power appliances can result in them overheating and catching fire
  • Appliances must not be used in damp conditions
  • Too many appliances must not be plugged into the same socket
  • Three pin plugs must be used wherever possible
  • Appliances and electrical installations must be earthed
  • The correct fuse must be used when connecting appliances

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