Democracy means rule by the people. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Democratic Leadership style

  • Is also known as participative leadership
  • Under this style the members of the team contribute to the decision making process
  • The leader asks for contribution from team members during the process of making decisions
  • The leader then makes the final decision
  • This style is consultative in nature as the leader makes the final decision which may or may not take the contributions by team members into account
  • There is two way communication


  • Is suitable for complex tasks
  • Is suitable where the subordinates are skilled and experienced
  • It motivates the workers as they become more involved in the decision making
  • Fosters creativity
  • Enhances personal commitment
  • Empowers the group/team members
  • Higher quality decisions


  • There is delayed decision making
  • Leads to compromise which might not be ideal in certain situations
  • Sometimes there is ambiguity and no clear chain of command
  • Management might lose control especially if a group has charismatic members and the designated manager is weak
  • Not suitable in situations where the subordinates lack skill/expertise to make decisions

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