ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Management Functions: Introduction

  • No doubt you have heard of people who work as managers within a business
  • These people carry out management duties in the organisations in which they are employed
  • It is important to note that depending on an organisation a manager can be known by several titles
  • Popular titles for people who carry out management duties include:
    • Finance Manager
    • Human Resources Manager
    • Supervisor
    • Chief Executive Office
    • President yes even the president of a country is a manager
    • Minister again ministers are just managers who work in government
  • All these titles are used to refer to a manager
  • The exact choice of what title to use is entirely up to the business (organisation in question)
  • They can choose to call these people by whatever title they desire
  • For example, one organisation might be led by a General Manager in a certain organisation while a person who occupies the same position might be called a Chief Executive Officer or a President in other businesses
  • However, all people in those positions are essentially managers
  • It is also important to note that while managers can be employees in different fields, organisations/businesses or even countries
  • They carry out a core set of functions that are similar
  • These functions can be used to define what a manager is
  • As already said above a manager is someone who carries out management duties within the organisation
  • A manager is, therefore, someone who does management within an organisation/business
  • Management can be defined as an organisational activity that involves the planning, organizing, leading/commanding, controlling and coordinating of the organisation’s activities so as to make sure the organisation’s objectives are achieved in an efficient and effective manner
  • All organisations have objectives i.e. a reason for existing, for example, making a profit, expansion and surviving economic downturns
  • Managers ensure that these objectives are achieved
  • They act on behalf of entrepreneurs to combine all the other three factors of production (resources) to achieve these objectives
  • One of these resources (factor) is labour
  • This means that managers drive other employees (labour) within the organisation in order to achieve the organisations’ goals
  • For this reason, management is often defined as doing work through others
  • As already mentioned above there are various types of managers such as:
  • Marketing managers, production managers, human resources managers etc
  • But all managers perform the same basic functions namely:
    1. Planning
    2. Organising
    3. Coordinating
    4. Leading/Commanding and
    5. Controlling
  • These are five management functions i.e. there are five functions that all managers carry out
  • Naturally, we call them management functions
  • To learn more about each function just click/tap on it to be taken to the relevant post where we talk about it

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