ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes:Management Functions: Leading/Commanding

  • As already said in the introduction to management
  • Management is defined in simple terms as the art of doing work through others
  • It involves five functions namely:
    • Planning
    • Organising
    • Leading/Commanding
    • Coordinating
    • Controlling
  • These are often called the five functions of management
  • In this section, we will talk about leading/commanding
  • Under this management function, the manager influences/induces others to perform assigned tasks
  • Leading involves giving guidance and direction to subordinates (people who work under you) so that they can accomplish set tasks
  • In some instances, the function involves giving commands
  • In this case, it is known as commanding instead of leading
  • Commanding involves giving orders or instructions in an imperative way
  • When a subordinate is commanded to do something they are expected to obey
  • Often this function involves both leading and commanding depending on circumstances
  • For example, a football manager (coach) might lead during practice showing his leads how to do certain things but when it comes to substitution the coach will command one of his players to come off the field be substituted with another
  • The leading/commanding function involves roles such as supervision, instructing and giving orders

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