ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Management Functions: Organising

  • During the introduction, we examined what management is
  • We said management is the art of doing work through others
  • Also, it was mentioned that management can be defined in terms of its functions/duties that every manager is expected to perform
  • These functions include planning, organising, coordinating, leading and controlling
  • Together they are known as the five functions of management
  • In this post, we will look at organising
  • Often organising is carried out after the planning process/function has been completed
  • Organising is the management function that is concerned with:
    • taking objectives/plans and breaking them down into smaller everyday tasks that can be implemented
    • grouping these tasks together into subsections and departments, for example, creating a marketing department, finance department etc to carry out related tasks so as to achieve the organisation’s objectives
    • and allocating resources to these subsections and departments to ensure that plans(objectives) are achieved
    • This also involves formally creating what is known as an organisational structure i.e. create a clear guideline of who reports to who within the business
    • the assigning tasks to specific people so that they can carry them out
  • While planning is about creating plans and setting objectives
  • Organising is about preparing to and putting this plan in action

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