An example of journal entries. Image credit Frank Wood's Business Accounting 1

An example of journal entries. Image credit Frank Wood’s Business Accounting 1

Cambridge IGCSE Accounting(0452)/O Level Principles of Accounts(7110) Notes: The General Journal Example

You are a bookkeeper for J Benzi. You are to show the journal entries necessary to record the following items:

a) 2014 May 1 Bought a van on credit from Puzey n Payne Garage for $5,395.
b) 2014 May 3 A debt of $81 owing from P Kupara was written off as a bad debt.
c) 2014 May 8 Office furniture bought by us for $610 was returned to the supplier Elegence Ltd,
as it was unsuitable. Full allowance will be given to us.
d) 2014 May 12 We are owed $320 by R Moyo. He is declared bankrupt and we received $51 in
full settlement of the debt.
e) 2014 May 14 We take goods costing $22 out of the business stock without paying for them.
f ) 2014 May 28 Some time ago we paid an insurance bill thinking that it was all in respect of the
business. We now discover that $62 of the amount paid was in fact insurance of our private
(g) 2014 May 28 Bought machinery for $1,260 on credit from Pantomine Ltd.

  • Narrations are not required

NB: While Journal Entries often appear in examinations, Ordinary Level students need not know how to make narrations although in the real world narrations are indeed required and form part of Journal entries.


Date: May 2014DetailsFolioDrCr
1Motor VanGL35,395.00
Puzey n PayneGL45,395.00
3Bad DebtsGL581.00
P KuparaGL7881.00
8Elegence LtdGL63610.00
Office FurnitureGL6610.00
12Bad DebtsGL5269.00
R MoyoSL 45320.00
Insurance expenseGL3462.00
Pantomine LtdGL671,260.00

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