Colonial propaganda drawing of the war

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes:Results of the Anglo-Ndebele War

  • The Ndebele were defeated and Lobengula fled from his capital after setting it on fire
  • Many Ndebele people were killed
  • The defeat of the Ndebele marked the colonization of the whole Zimbabwe
  • The Africans became divided as some supported white settlers
  • A BSAC administration was set up in Matebeleland headed by Starr Jameson named Matebeleland Order in Council in 1894
  • Matebeleland was divided among the settlers as they took the cattle, land and mines
  • Native Reserves in Gwai and Shangani were created. They had poor soils, bad rainfall patterns, overcrowded and diseased
  • The hut tax was introduced and it was compulsory for all Ndebele. Failure to pay tax resulted in forced labour
  • The Ndebele became peasant
  • The way of life for the Ndebele was destroyed
  • They were not allowed to install a king
  • Matebeleland and Mashonaland were combined to form Rhodesia in 1895
  • A railway line was built which passed through Matebeleland to Cape town
  • The BSAC increased in company shares value and was saved from bankruptcy by the Ndebele cattle
  • Communication channels were introduced in Matebeleland as a telegraph line was erected in Bulawayo
  • Industrialization in Bulawayo started as banks and stores were opened

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