Blair Toilet. Image credit

Blair Toilet. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Blair toilet

  • This was developed by the Blair Research Laboratory
The Blair Toilet.

The Blair Toilet.

  • It is a refinement of the pit latrine
  • They use either a spiral/rectangular shielded door design to ensure the interior is dark and to ensure privacy
  • There is a vent pipe which keeps the toilet ventilated making sure flies are not attracted to it
  • The vent pipe also traps flies that enter into the toilet using a fly screen
  • The lining is deeper to prevent burrowing by rats and other vectors
  • The blair toilet is suitable in areas where water supply is limited
  • They considerably reduce the fly and smell problem
  • The lifespan of such a toilet depends on factors such as
  • The depth of the hole, number of users and amount of water available

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