Pit Latrine. Image credit sswm.info

Pit Latrine. Image credit sswm.info

ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Pit Latrine

  • It consists of a deep hole in the ground into which all human urine and faeces (excrement) are deposited
A pit latrine

A pit latrine

  • Borehole latrines have a deeper hole (+5m) than ¬†ordinary latrines and have a longer lifespan
  • Pit latrines are best for isolated houses and small villages
  • They must be built on solid ground that is permeable
  • They should ideally have a concrete floor for easy cleaning
  • A concrete lining to prevent burrowing by rates and other vectors
What you should doWhat you should not do
Add water from time to time to improve the decay of wasteAllow any disinfectants into the pit. These kill the bacteria which decomposes waste reducing the lifespan of the pit
Have a cover or seat to improve hygiene. This prevents flies from entering and leaving the pit and spreading diseasesDig in heavy soils or where soil is shallow
Keep surface structures clean and fly free using a disinfectantContinue to use pit after waste accumulates. Fill with soil and make a new one

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