ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages of Secondary Research

  • There are several disadvantages to secondary research otherwise known as desk research

Advantages of secondary market research

  • It is inexpensive/cheap when compared with primary market research
  • It avoids duplication of effort
  • Information and data is readily available
  • Allows the business to quickly and cheaply analyse and compare information form a variety of sources
  • Can be used to establish trends
  • There is a wider choice of data usually obtained using various methodologies

Disadvantages of secondary market research

  • The information can be out of date and no longer applicable
  • The specific information the business is looking for may missing or incomplete
  • There is little control over quality
  • Coverage may be inappropriate for the business’s purposes
  • Research methodology may be unknown thus it can be difficult to draw conclusions
  • Data may be difficult to interpret
  • Competitors and rivals may also have access to the same data

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