A shop floor worker. Image credit footprint2africa.com

A shop floor worker. Image credit footprint2africa.com

ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: How managers can use Maslow’s theory of motivation

  • Maslow’s motivation theory can be used to motivate workers in a number of ways
  • Managers should first identify the unfulfilled needs of workers and
  • The level of needs of workers that are as yet to be fulfilled then:
  • Physiological Needs-give employees enough income (through salaries and wages) to meet their needs such as buy food,pay rentals, transport allowance, buy clothes etc
  • Safety Needs-give employees a contract of employment after a probation period to provide job security. Also provide employees with safety training and safety equipment such as helmets, goggles gloves etc
  • Social Needs-place employees in work groups instead of having them work on the assembly line, create quality circles so that workers have a sense of belonging.
  • Esteem Needs-recognition for work done via thank yous, awards, medals, certificates of achievements etc
  • Self Actualisation- give employees more challenging work. Use techniques such as job enrichment and job enlargement

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