ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Marketing: Advantages and Disadvantages of Primary Research

  • Primary research has a number of advantages and disadvantages

Advantages of Primary Research

  • It is up to date
  • Produces high quality which the business can control and
  • It provides relevant information to the issue being researched at that particular moment
  • The business can control coverage of research
  • It is easy to understand and interpret as it pertains to the issue being researched
  • The business can control and choose its desired research methodology
  • It can be kept private by the company thus giving it an edge of its rivals and competitors

Disadvantages of Secondary Research

  • It can be and usually is expensive to carry out especially when compared to desk research
  • Can result in duplication of effort
  • It takes time collect the data which is not readily available i.e. time consuming
  • There are usually constraints to the number of methodologies that can be used
  • Can result in misleading information if it is not properly carried out
  • Can receive misleading information
  • Is not always feasible

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