Vegetable and Fruit wholesale shop. Image credit

Vegetable and Fruit wholesale shop. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Commerce Notes: Wholesale Trade: Specialists wholesalers and Cooperative wholesale societies

Specialist wholesalers.

  • These wholesalers:
  • Specialise or are experts on one line of products e.g. sale of fruits like FAVCO.
  • Offer expert advice to customers on the product.
  • Provide any other services provided by general wholesalers.

Cooperative wholesale society.

  • Are formed by producers e.g. farmers or cooperative retail societies.
  • Buy from producers.
  • Can produce own goods.
  • Buy in bulk from farmers at low prices.
  • Sell in bulk at low prices.
  • Each member contributes capital.
  • Surplus made is shared among members.
  • Normally sell perishables.
  • Provide a variety of goods.

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