• Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) is a production method that involves the use of computer-controlled equipment to manufacture products.
  • This system is designed to be flexible and can be quickly reconfigured to produce different products without needing significant changes to the equipment or production process.

Features of FMS:

  1. Computer-controlled equipment
  • FMS relies on computer-controlled machines and robots to perform tasks such as cutting, drilling, and shaping materials. These machines are programmed to carry out tasks in a specific sequence, which reduces the need for manual labour and improves the speed and accuracy of production.
  1. Modular design
  • FMS systems are designed with a modular approach, which allows for flexibility in the manufacturing process. The system can be easily reconfigured to accommodate changes in the production process or new products.
  1. Just-in-time production
  • FMS is often used in just-in-time production systems, where products are manufactured only when they are needed. This reduces inventory costs and allows for more efficient use of resources.
  1. High level of automation
  • FMS involves a high level of automation, which reduces the need for manual labour and improves the speed and accuracy of production. This also results in lower labour costs and higher productivity.

Ideal situations where it can be used:

  • FMS is ideal in situations where there is a need for flexibility in the production process, such as in the production of custom-made products or products that have a short lifespan. It is also useful in industries where there are frequent changes in product design or where there is a need to produce a variety of products.

Advantages of Flexible Management Systems:

  • Improved flexibility in the manufacturing process
  • High level of automation
  • Increased productivity and efficiency
  • Reduced labour costs
  • Improved quality control
  • Ability to produce a wide variety of products

Disadvantages of Flexible Management Systems:

  • High initial investment costs
  • Complex system that requires highly skilled workers to operate and maintain
  • Potential for breakdowns and system failures
  • Difficulty in integrating FMS with other manufacturing systems

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