• Just in Time (JIT) is a production strategy that aims to minimize inventory and production costs by producing goods only when needed.

Features of Just In Time:

  • Production is demand-driven
  • Raw materials and inventory are kept to a minimum
  • A pull system is used, where production is triggered by customer orders
  • Emphasis is on waste reduction and continuous improvement

Ideal situations for using Just in time:

  • Products with short life cycles or high obsolescence rates
  • Customized products with varying demands
  • Companies with limited storage space
  • Companies looking to reduce waste and improve efficiency

Advantages of Just In Time:

  • Reduced inventory holding costs
  • Lower risk of inventory obsolescence
  • Improved quality control
  • Reduced lead times
  • Reduced waste
  • Improved supplier relationships

Disadvantages Just In Time:

  • Production disruptions caused by delayed deliveries from suppliers
  • Dependence on suppliers for on-time delivery
  • Difficulties in managing and forecasting demand
  • High initial investment in technology and supplier relationships
  • Possible increase in production costs due to smaller batch sizes

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