Verbal Communication. Image credit

ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Verbal Communication

  • Is the sharing of ideas, thoughts and feelings using speech and sounds
  • In verbal communication words are used to exchange information


  • There is immediate feedback
  • There is direct impact
  • Allows for the use of plain and easily understood language
  • Allows the sender to check for assimilation (i.e. the message has been understood and is being carried out)
  • Allows the sender to gain the commitment of the audience
  • Can be used to explain and clarify other forms of communication e.g. visual
  • Allows for intimacy between the sender and the receiver
  • It is convenient for example most people can speak and listen without the need of special equipment


  • Depends on the skills of the presenter (sender)
  • Uses only one of the audience’s senses
  • Sometimes it is not possible to gauge the recipient’s understanding
  • Time consuming and usually works only with small groups
  • There can be conflicts between spoken and non-verbal communication

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