ZIMSEC O Level Combined Science Notes: Uses of sulphuric acid

  • Most of the sulphuric acid produced at Zimphos is used to
  • make fertilizers (mostly superphoshate)
  •  Some of the sulphiric acid is used to  manufacture aluminum sulphate
  • Which in turn is used as a flocculent in water purification processes
  • Bauxite from Mutare is dissolved into sulphuric acid
  • The word equation for the process is:
  • \text{aluminum oxide+sulphuric acid}\rightarrow\text{aluminium sulphate+water}
  • Sulphuric acid also has other uses including:
  • extraction of metals
  • cleaning metals before plating
  • It is also used in:
  • the manufacture of textiles
  • electrolyte in car batteries
  • paper making
  • manufacture of detergents
  • As a drying agent/desiccate because it absorbs water
  • In the manufacture of plastics
  • The manufacture of paints

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