The Second Deal

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The United States of America (USA) 1920-1939: The Second Deal

  • A Work Progress Administration was established in 1935
  • It was to help with the problem of unemployment and had various projects under it namely:
    1. The Federal Writers Project to assist those with writings and publications with publishing
    2. The Federal Art Project for artists who were to be employed by the government to paint and make statues
    3. The Federal Theatre Project which funded artists in theatre productions
    4. The National Youth Administration which provided part time employment to college students
  • The Resettlement Administration was put in place to deal with rural poverty and aiding rural farmers in acquiring land
  • The Rural Electrification Administration was created to electrify the rural areas
  • An act called the Wagner Act was signed in 1935 which provided for:
    1. Employers to recognize trade unions and their rights
    2. To give employees the right to join a trade union of their choice or form their own
    3. It also encouraged workers to join trade unions
    4. It was also responsible for preventing discrimination against trade union members
  • A National Labour Relations Board was set up as a result of the Wagner Act to judge labour disputes
  • The Social Security Act was put in place to cater for the social need of the citizens such as pensions, catering for the sick and those with disabilities
  • The Labour Standards Act of 1938 was also put in place to advance improved working conditions for workers

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