Cambridge AS A Level Business Studies/ ZIMSEC Advanced Level Business Studies/ Business Enterprise Skills Notes: The Business Environment

  • Businesses do not operate in a vacuum
  • There are a number of factors/players that affect the way a business operates
  • For example, a business has suppliers and customers both who are critical to its operations
  • These factors can be external to the business i.e. outside the business itself
  • They can also be internal i.e. factors that are to be found within the business itself
  • The combination of these internal and external and internal factors is known as the business’s environment
  • The term business environment is used to refer to the combination of internal and external factors that influence a company’s operating situation
  • These factors influence things like:
    • The prices that the business will put on its products
    • The taxes it pays
    • The location of its premises
    • The number of units it produces in a given period
    • Its production methods
    • Who it sells to
    • The way it packages and distributes its products
    • The way it markets its products
  • Notes on:

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