Ferreira’s Gold Mine Johannesburg South Africa

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: South Africa 1867 – 1910: The Mining Companies

  • The first settlers to acquire gold claims got more ores easier and were able to raise more capital for reinvestment
  • Later gold mining required much more technical and advanced machinery
  • Rhodes was one of the late comers and also the Wernher and Beit
  • Rhodes had been busy setting his De Beers company and occupying Zimbabwe and he had to move fast in the gold mining sector to catch up with others
  • Gold mining groups called H Eckstein and Co Rands were established by Wernher and Beit in the early 1890s
  • After 10 years of intensive mining the groups that were leading were:
    1. Rand Mines
    2. Eckstein
    3. Consolidated Gold Mines
    4. JB Robinson
    5. Johannesburg Consolidated
    6. Albu
    7. Georz
    8. Anglo-French

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