Nguni apparel. Image credit BBC

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Crisis in Nguniland: Sobhuza versus Zwide

  • Zwide Kalanga (1758-1825) was the king of the Ndwandwe/Nxumalo nation circa 1805 to circa 1820
  • Around the time Zwide was king the Ndwandwe were a growing military power
  • Zidwe was an ambitious leader keen on expanding the borders of his kingdom
  • Sobhuza ((circa 1780–1836) also known as Sobhuza I Ngwane IV or  Somhlolo) was the king of the Ngwane (Swaziland) from 1815-1836
  • Sobhuza’s realm was centered  in territory along the Pongola river south of the current country of Swaziland
  • Sobhuza’s kingdom was smaller than the Zulu and Ndwandwe kingdoms which were located south of the kingdom
  • The fight between these two leaders was the beginning of the struggle for supremacy in Nguniland
  • They were all trying to control maize fertile fields along the Pongolo valley when
  • In 1817 Zwide attacked Sobhuza’s capital in retaliation
  • The Ngwane (Sobhuza) were expelled after several wars from the Pongolo valley
  • Sobhuza later founded the Swazi nation presently known as Swaziland

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