Ndebele village circa 1890. Image credit wordpress.com

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The Ndebele State:Problems faced by the Ndebele during their journey from Zululand

  • These are some of the problems faced by the Ndebele/Khumalo on their way from Zululand to Western Zimbabwe:
  • Families were separated when the Ndebele were moving to Zimbabwe
  • There were shortages of pastures for their livestock
  • The Khumalo experienced shortage of food because of a recurring droughts
  • They were involved in many battles with different groups such as the Pedi, Rolong, Griqua and Boers
  • Many people died during wars
  • Livestock was also lost when the Khumalo during when they were raided and some due to tsetse flies
  • The Ndebele homes were destroyed by fire
  • There was rebellion by ambitious people
  • Many people got sick with malaria
  • Wild animals also attacked them
  • There was the disruption of economic activities such as trade and farming activities.
  • The Ndebele lived in fear of external attacks.
  • Many Khumalo women were taken as captive by other groups

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