Hebert Hoover the 31st President of the United States

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: The United States of America (USA) 1920-1939: President Hoover and the Great Depression

  • He was the source of anger and dissatisfaction among citizens
  • They believed he had let them down even if they had believed in him
  • He was also adamant to change his policies which has seen America getting into the depression
  • He believed that the depression was a result of economic problems not bad economic polices
  • He also argued that businesses should be left alone so that they bounce back on their own
  • He believed an individual had to take the necessary steps to get themselves out of poverty and government interference would encourage dependency syndrome
  • Social security was not the responsibility of the government and relief was to be given by charity organizations
  • He encouraged employers to cut on wages instead of laying off workers
  • A Finance Corporation was established which provided loans to companies collapsing
  • The corporation also assisted the government in dealing with unemployment
  • He also introduced public works programmes for the unemployed
  • He encouraged US export trade
  • However the measures used by Hoover were not effective and they came in too late as people had already lost their support for him

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