The Reichstag in session during the Weimer Republic years

ZIMSEC O Level History Notes: Dictatorship in Europe: Dictatorship in Germany: Political Problems

  • The government was accused of signing the Versailles treaty
  • Angry right wing groups called this political treachery
  • There was general unrest in the country
  • The Social Democratic Party ( SDP) was also failing to cooperate with the Conservatives
  • Army was threatening the government
  • Numerous small revolutionary uprisings were brutally crushed by the army
  • Problems with radicals socialists and Germany Communist Party
  • The right wing opposed the republic
  • In 1920 there was an unsuccessful coup de tat known as the Kapp Putsch
  • The uprisings caused by many pressure groups who were against the republic also caused problems e.g the Spartacus rising of 1919 and the Bavarian Revolt
  • The government could not suppress these uprisings
  • Many political leaders were murdered in the early 1920’s
  • The French and Belgium occupation of the Ruhr known as the Munich Putsch was also another political problem for the Weimer Republic as it led to poverty and misery among the people

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