Ocean currents of the world. Image credit Pearson

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Natural Resources: Fishing:Ocean currents and the fishing industry

  • Ocean currents are important in the fishing industry as they affect the growth of plankton which provides fish food.
  • Warm ocean currents restrict the growth of plankton hence give rise to poor fishing grounds.
  • Cold ocean currents encourage the growth of plankton (small plants) as they are rich in nutrients.
  • These give rise to rich fishing grounds.
  • Ocean currents also determine fish movements along coastal areas of Southern Africa.
  • Sardines from the Benguela current system in the west coast of South Africa, are trapped in the cold water off the southern tip of Africa.
  • Before being transported along the Natal coast by the backwater of the warm Agulhas current, which is known as the Natal Sardine Run.
  • Ocean currents also disperse nutrients in sea surface waters, which are brought from inland by rivers and streams.

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