If it has not already happened, Zimbabwe is flirting with hyperinflation at the moment. Prices of basic commodities such as sugar, mealie-meal and other basic necessities have been going up at least on a daily basis now. ZimState and other government entities tasked with measuring inflation have not published any recent figures but both month to month and year on year inflation have to be well above 100% now.

Barely a day after GMAZ hiked the price of mealie-meal, Tongaat Hulett’s who make most of Zimbabwe’s sugar announced their own hike.

Huletts SunSweet (Brown)

Recommended Retail Selling/Unit:

  • 1kg -$4.99
  • 2kg – $9.98
  • 5kg -$24.95
  • 10kg – $49.90

Huletts Refined (White) Sugar

  • 1kg – $5.22
  • 2kg – $10.44
  • 5kg – $26.10
  • 10kg – $52.20

Schweppes Zimbabwe Limited enters the foray

Mazoe new price

The makers of the popular mazoe beverage made their own announcement. The price of mazoe has been increased by more than 100%. Below are some of the prices they are now charging for their products.

ZWL Pricelist effective 3 June 2019

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