For the 2018/19 rain season, Zimbabwe received below average rainfall. The resultant drought took its toll on the country’s crops and yields were obviously below what we normally get.

A smallscale from Gutu near Masvingo has however defied the odds. By growing a drought-resistant variety of maize, Jefta Hamandawana was able to achieve high yields despite the drought. He grew a drought-resistant maize seed variety developed by Syngenta.

Syngenta is a seed company which makes drought-resistant seed varieties that are adaptable to different weather conditions. The company has supplied farmers with the MR1514 maize seed variety, which is an early maturity variety, and the MR1624, which is a medium maturity variety.

Mr Hamandawana also encouraged farmers to think big and not just grow crops for subsistence. He encouraged farmers to work with local agricultural extension officers.

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