Yesterday we mentioned that all indications were showed that the Zimbabwean government was preparing for schools to reopen soon. This follows the much-needed drop in new daily COVID-19 cases that are now below the 500 mark. Now we have a new tidbit to share. When schools reopen students will have to take turns to attend. This measure is meant to make sure that there is no sudden spike in cases.

As a province, we are encouraging children to join the e-learning programme through WhatsApp, Telegram and Google Classroom. Learners doing Grade Seven, Form Three and Form Four are encouraged to log into

They are going to find content that has already been loaded to that website which will assist them to do their work while they are at home.

I also want to remind parents that when we return to school, it is not all the children that are going to be in the classroom at the same time. We are going to follow a decongested school attendance.

Children are going to follow alternative days reporting for duty, we are doing so because our classroom space is not adequate for COVID-19 protocols and regulations.

When children remain home while others are at school, we encourage them to engage in radio lessons, television lessons and other online platforms.

Bulawayo Providinal Education Director Olicah Kaira

Poor students getting left behind

Poor students don’t have access to most of these platforms. Not only is data expensive and beyond their reach, they also have to content with slow or none-existant networks especially in rural areas where 3G let alone 4G coverage is none-existant.

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