Last week we reported that it was unlikely that schools would reopen for the second term. This is because the time that was allocated for the second term has all but been decimated by the lockdowns which the government continues to extend in light of the third wave. However, COVID cases have been falling over recent weeks. In response to this, the government is now preparing for the eventual reopening of schools.

The situation in the schools should be certified safe by the Government with all the schools having met the required standards necessary to be deemed safe to reopen. Communities should continue to be encouraged to be vaccinated in order for us to achieve herd immunity in the shortest possible time.

…. The prorportion of (infections) children of school ging age five to 10 years, mostly at the primary and secondary school, stood at 11.1 percent. The government is considering opening schools if the curent decline in new cases continues.

Community Working Group on Health Director Itai Rusike confirming government’s prepareations.

As seen above the government’s main argument is that infections among people of school-going age are low. They are thus advocating for schools to reopen soon. It is therefore likely that schools will reopen for the third term in the coming weeks.

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