Over the past few weeks we have witnessed an surge in the price of basic commodities. Retailers are constantly adjusting prices on a daily basis usually in order to keep abreast of the black market exchange rate between the RTGS and the USD.

Sugar is one of those basic commodities whose price has been on an upward trend. A lot of popular supermarkets do not have it on their shelves. If one wants to buy sugar these days they have to go to outside street vendors and informal wholesalers in downtown Harare where the product is selling for a fortune.

Tongaat Hulett, Zimbabwe’s largest sugar producer have come out to reaffirm that, they have not increased the recommended price for sugar since their last hike at the beginning of the month.

Brown sugar – $4,99 for 1kg, $9,98 for 2kg, $24,95 for 5kg and $49,90 for 10kg.

White sugar – $5,22 for 1kg, $10,44 for 2kg, $26,10 for 5kg and $52,20 for 10kg.

The Zimbabwe Sugar Association has also come out to say that they have enough sugar to supply at these prices:

As ZSA we urge all retailers and wholesalers to continue behaving responsibly.

We also advise our valued customers that the industry will continue to deliver sugar nationwide to meet normal domestic requirements.

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