While exams are set to begin at the end of this month, it is no secret that teachers have been less than thrilled with this. Various organisations representing teachers have depressed health fears over the fact that they will not be provided with Personal Proctective Equipment (PPE) and will be required to invigilate just as the cases of coronavirus in the country are rising due to returnees from South Africa.

It seems now they have decided to do something about it. A coalition of eight unions representing the interests of teachers has taken ZIMSEC and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education to court seeking an order that will compel the authorities to postpone the June examinations until the government takes a series of steps that will reduce the risk to both them and learners.

What they are asking for?

Among the things the teachers are asking for include: the fumigation of all examination centres and making sure the centres meet WHO prescribed standards, the provisions of facilities and personnel for thermal testing of teachers and learners and further support adequate sanitation like water, and for the government to take all necessary measures to reduce class sizes.

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