Today (Monday 15 June 2020) the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education is set to begin broadcasting radio lessons aimed at those who are doing primary school. The lessons which are supposed to run from 15 minutes to 1 hour are part of the government and ministry’s efforts to make sure that students can keep learning despite the shutdown of schools as are result of the coronavirus pandemic

The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education in conjunction with ZBC will be rolling out radio lessons as part of an alternative learning platform.

The first schedule which is for the Primary School level will be aired from 15 June 2020 to 26 June 2020. Thereafter another schedule will be provided.

Parents and guardians are advised to familiarise themselves with the schedule so that they assist their children as much as possible.

A statement by the ministry on the lessons

Which grades are covered and on which radio channels?

Early Childhood Development (ECD) lessons will be broadcast on National FM while Grade 3 and Grade 7 pupils will get their radio lessons on Power FM, Classic 263, Radio Zimbabwe and Khulumani FM. Grades 4 and 6s are not covered. The schedule gets much complicated from this and it’s hard to know which lesson is on what channel. The truth is radio was never meant to be a primary means of administering lessons but the government is just trying to make sure that kids do not get left behind.

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