Teachers at Ntenjane Primary School in Bulilima Matabeleland South have claimed that they are being terrorised by goblins that are haunting the school. Goblins are mythical creators which scientifically do not exist. Teachers at the school who spoke on condition of anonymity to the Chronicle narrated certain incidences which they said “proved” that goblins were terrorising them.

We are now victims of escalating witchcraft and goblins that storm workstations from the world of evil to unleash spine-chilling fears and a reign of terror. I left in a rush and left all my belongings. I am not going back to that place.

I sleep on my bed daily; however, I wake up almost daily on the floor, with my blankets and everything. I have had enough of it. I asked my pastor to pray about it and it stopped for a while. It has started. There is no way I am going back. Public Service Commission will have to make a plan for us.

I wear my underwear when I sleep, but when I wake up, it is washed and is hung to dry on the washing line. It happened for two consecutive days and I told my husband about it. He came to pick me at school and scolded me for not telling him the first time it happened

Some of the bizarre stories teachers had to tell

Some claimed they went to bed only to wake up and find their dishes and plates washed even though they had no memory of doing them.

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