The Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education has said that it will seek the help of traditionalists to help “cleanse” Ntenjane Primary School in Bulilima. The teachers at the school have said the school is haunted by goblins which are terrorising them through the night.

This is a very difficult and sensitive matter. These issues of goblins cannot be proven scientifically, neither can they be dismissed. So, in order to protect the teachers and the pupils too, there is need to approach the matter carefully. I got a call with regards to the matter yesterday (Wednesday) that teachers are running away from school and I have since engaged the District Schools Inspector.

I told her to get hold of the District Administrator so that they look for the traditional leaders who are the owners of the place, so that they can find traditional healers who will know how to appease the spirits or chase away whatever it is that is troubling teachers there

We however, cannot rule out such spiritual things being true in other schools. As a ministry, we do not have the powers to preside over such, therefore we will hand over such matters to community leaders to engage those with the powers to deal with the spiritual realm

Matabeleland South acting Provincial Education Director Lifias Masukume speaking to the Chronicle

Reports indicate that several teachers have abandoned the school citing the mythical creatures’ reign of terror. Authorities seem to be validating these claims or maybe they are just keen to placate teachers and stop them from abandoning the school by indulging the claims being made by the teachers.

The school appears to be in desperate need of repair and teachers might equally be desperate to ditch it for any reason. Most of the teachers appear to be demanding transfers. Maybe they have decided anywhere is better than that rundown school.

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