If you are trying to view your results online using our guide on how to do so and get an error saying you already have an account what does it mean and what can you do to view your results? It means someone, probably your school/centre has already created an account usually to prevent you from viewing your results online.

You see when the online results portal was introduced a lot of people were happy. Not everyone was happy though. Schools and examination centres were incensed. They have traditionally and illegally used students’ results as leverage in the past demanding all sorts of payments. Outstanding fees and lost book fees among other payments.

Here is how you can still view your results online.

Go to either:

  1. https://dcmv1.zimsec.co.zw/
  2. https://dcmv2.zimsec.co.zw/

And try to create an account if this is your first visit and do not already have an account you created yourself.

  • If you see an error indicating that an account with your candidate number has already been created
  • Visit the reset password form here or here
  • Use your details to fill that form e.g. candidate number etc
  • In the username box just choose a unique username e.g. your name plus year of birth so if your name is Tariro Moyo you and you were born in 2003 you can use the username tarie2003 as your username. That username has to be unique.
  • You can now log in using your new username and password to view your results.

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