As you probably well know, the 20019 A-Level ZIMSEC results are out. If you are like many you have probably tried accessing them online and if you tried visiting the main ZIMSEC website ( you were likely greeted by an error and were not able to load the page. Don’t worry in this guide we will show you how you can still access your results online

Why is the main ZIMSEC not loading?

If the website is not loading for you its probably because like you many other people are trying to access the site. This has overwhelmed the site. Eventually, as traffic subsides it will come back online.

I want to see my results right now!

Don’t worry you can still access your results. Visit either one of the links below and you will be able to.


You don’t have to visit both of them. Just one will do. If one fails just use the other.

What do I need to view my results

If you haven’t done so you need to create an account on the site using details such as your date of birth, center number and Candidate number. Hurry up! Evil centres have been known to create accounts to prevent students from using the portal to view results. Forcing you to deal with them especially if you owe them money.

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