Yesterday the government confirmed what everyone had long suspected. Schools will not be reopening on the 28 of June as had been anticipated. Instead, the reopening of schools has been pushed back by two weeks. Provisionally it means schools will reopen on Monday 12 July 2021 for the shortened second term. Again that is a provisional date. Whether schools will reopen will depend on the COVID situation at that date. Right now cases have spiked and the government has made a sensible decision here.

What did the government say?


The Nation is informed that Cabinet has approved that the reopening of schools and other learning institutions be delayed by 14 days. Govt will be monitoring the situation and a review will be made after 2 weeks.

Nick Mangwana

This was after he had repeatedly denied the rumours that said this was what the government was planning. This is hardly surprising though as the government has contradicted itself on such issues countless times in the past.

Life hard on those who are writing exams this year

Those who are writing examinations this year are in trouble especially those from now well off backgrounds. It means they will have to do with alternative forms of learning for now.

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