It started in schools when several schools reported a spike in cases. When schools closed there was a brief lull but as the holidays have progressed Zimbabwean COVID cases have continued to rise. Yesterday alone the country recorded 151 new cases and 6 deaths.

The country has 2 923 active cases and we have been recording over 100 cases per day for the past 7 or so days. The Zimbabwean government and the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE) has a big decision to make. Will schools open as scheduled next week or will they postpone.

We are looking into it. You are aware there is a task force that is always guided by science.

We look at data on the ground and we make decisions based on that data. This task force meets every Monday and Cabinet sits every Tuesday. You will definitely hear from that process.

Agnes Mahomva, Chief Coordinator of the National Response to COVID-19 pandemic in the Offffice of the president

It seems, based on this information the government is yet to arrive at this decision. Whatever they do hinges on what happens this week whether cases rise or fall. The government has already introduced a national level 4 lockdown and strictly localised lockdowns.

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