Those who had intended to sit for the ZIMSEC examinations in June need to prepare themselves for a possible postponement. Even the government-owned Sunday Newspaper seemed to hint on the possibility that the exams will be postponed. This almost certainly means that the exams will be postponed.

Why the exams will be postponed?

There are several reasons why we think this will happen and most of them have to do with the fact that we are currently living under a lockdown:

  • Schools had to close earlier than usual and as things stand it is very uncertain when they will open.
  • In all likelihood, schools will likely open much later than they normally would. Botswana, for example, has taken the drastic step of shutting down schools for 6 months. It’s possible the government will follow this lead.
  • Some students are still struggling to register due to the lockdown. Please note you can still register online
  • In fact all exam preparation operations have been impacted on by the lockdown

What is the ministry of education saying

The official line is that it’s too early to tell whether exams are going to be postponed

Zimsec, like any other institution, is not privy to what will happen after the 21 days of the lockdown but would like its valued stakeholders to know that a window for the registration for November 2020 examinations will be provided when the lockdown is lifted.

Permanent Secretary of Primary and Secondary Education  Tumisang Thabela

Nevertheless, we strongly feel the June exams will almost certainly be postponed.

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