As has already been said ZIMSEC has created an online portal that allows those who want to register for this year’s June and November examinations online despite the current ongoing lockdown. We now have more details on how this arrangement works.

How can I access the registration portal?

Candidates cannot access the portal directly, only schools have been granted access to this portal

How can schools access this portal?

Only schools with registered examination centres can access the registration portal. If you are a headmaster of such a school you can call Zimsec between 0800hrs-1600hrs for assistance.

Do I have to visit my registration Centre to register?

No, although students don’t have direct access to the portal you can register remotely by getting in touch with your school or chosen centre. They will ask you to make payment using remote methods such as Ecocash, EFT or ZIPIT. Once you have made payment you can submit your information online via platforms such as WhatsApp including proof of payment. Once the school receives this information they will enter this data into the ZIMSEC portal and complete the registration online

Is there a call centre schools can call to get help?

New tech is always hard to use and get used to. In case the concerned school runs into issues when entering data, they can call ZIMSEC during their opening hours.


Just to be clear, you can get in touch with your school via Email or WhatsApp but candidates cannot access their registration portal directly. Only examination centres and schools can do so when entering registration data for their students.

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