The economic crisis in our country has become more acute in recent weeks. The value of the RTGS dollar has been on a free fall against all major currencies. In response merchants for various products have been announcing price hike after price hike.

Delta have taken a different route. They are reducing their prices!

To be fair Delta has had a forgettable run these past few months. Ever since the foreign currency crisis started to bite they have lost a lot of ground to Pepsi. While most people I know scoffed at the taste of Pepsi and Mirinda drinks, they were forced to come around and make do after Delta stopped production of soft drinks.

During that hiatus, Pepsi rose to fill the gap. They now easily have the largest market share. Meanwhile, retailers have resorted to charging a premium for Coke drinks. With times being so hard, most people have stuck with Pepsi. Delta’s new prices still make Pepsi cheaper but at least they are back in the competitive range.

Delta reduced prices

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