The Ministry of Information, Media and Broadcasting Services has released the latest casualty statistics for Cyclone Idai. According to them:

  • 344 people have thus far been confirmed dead
  • All 344 have been buried
  • About 257 people are still being reported as missing
  • Of these 238 are from Chimanimani
  • And 19 are from Chipinge

The ministry has also confirmed that the number of the dead include 82 victims who were buried in Mozambique:

Last week we were at 189 (victims), we had a number of people who were on our missing persons list and our defence forces who at Vhumba had crossed into Mozambique were able to confirm with villagers in Mozambique that seven people were buried and sent the pictures.

Another 15 were also buried at another place and yet another 60 were buried 40 kilometres down in Dombe district of Mozambique.

Minister of Local Government July Moyo

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