In a recent interview the Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Mr Edgar Moyo revealed that so far they have confirmed that 52 school going children died during the cyclone while 70 others were still missing. It is likely these have passed away also.

The number of missing pupils is 70 but we presume them as dead until legally confirmed otherwise. Then 52 were confirmed dead, hence altogether they are 122 pupils. As for the teachers we have three, a headmaster and two teachers who died.

We have sent in experts on the ground to come up with proper value of what we lost in terms of school infrastructure. The amount could be $10 million.

A total of 87 schools were affected, some schools need complete reconstruction while others need to be repaired here and there depending on the damage that was suffered.

Cyclone Idai reached Zimbabwe around the 15th of March, last month. Eastern parts of Zimbabwe such as Chipinge and Chimanimani bore its brunt with hundreds, possibly thousands, killed.

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