ZIMSEC O Level Business Studies Notes: Managing Human Resources: Communication in Business: The need for/importance of effective communication

  • Communication is said to be effective when it is received and understood in the manner in which the sender intended
  • Effective communication is essential to the achievement of the organisation’s goals
  • Without communication it would be hard to define the organisation’s goals
  • Communication allows businesses to define and communicate goals to employees
  • It allows employees to communicate feedback to middle and top management with regards to progress made in achieving these goals
  • It is an essential part of leading, directing and motivation
  • Communication allows managers to effectively plan and disseminate goals for example making yearly budgets
  • Effective communication is an integral part of the organizing function
  • It helps with the coordination function which would be otherwise impossible
  • Helps the business to recruit, screen, interview, induct, train and retrench employees
  • Helps the business in market and marketing research
  • Helps with the Research and Development process
  • Is essential during the Value Engineering process
  • Helps to market and sell its products
  • Helps the business with its corporate social responsibility
  • Helps the business mould and shape its public image
  • It helps the business when contacting its suppliers
  • Effective communication is so important a business’s ability to achieve its goals will be severely harmed if there is a breakdown in communication.
  • Without communication business will cease to exist

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