Water should be used in a sustainable manner.

ZIMSEC O Level Geography Notes: Natural Resources: Water: Sustainable water consumption

  • Sustainable water use means that water must be consumed at the same rate or slower than it is being replenished by the hydrological cycle.
  • To ensure equal access to water, increase protection of the environment and improve the management of water resources.
  • The Zimbabwean government has put in place a new Water Act (1999).
  • The Act has seen the decentralization of the management of water through the Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) to local catchment area council formed by the local waters users and stakeholders.
  • ZINWA has regional offices throughout the country.
  • These offer technical advice to the local catchment councils.
  • The country has been divided into seven catchment areas.
  • These are Mazowe, Manyame, Save, Runde, Mzingwane, Gwai and Sanyati catchment zones.
  • The councils ensure equitable access to water by all Zimbabweans within their catchment zone.
  • Small sub-catchment committees have been set up.
  • These assist the catchment councils in planning and managing water resources.
  • This is done to cater for the large areas covered by the catchment zones.
  • The Ministry of Rural Resources and water Development has also carried programs to educate members of the public on the importance to conserve water resources and the environment.
  • The world water day is commemorated on 22nd of March each year.

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